A puff back happens when your oil burner ignites incorrectly, fumes build up and an explosion occurs inside the burn chamber. This build up vaporizes and shoots an oily toxic soot that looks like cobwebs all over your walls, baseboards, furniture, etc. Puff backs cause extensive damage to your home and heating system. Call 911 then Biller and allow the experts to handle your claim.

What Causes Furnace Puff Backs?

Puff backs are caused by problems within the furnace leaving oil in the ignition chamber which does not get burned. This can be due to leaks in the oil system or bubbles in the oil line which then expands and presses oil out of the burner nozzle or the shutdown valve on the oil burner nozzle does not work properly or the nozzle is clogged. Regardless of which problem occurs, oil leaks into combustion chamber when it is not in operation. Meanwhile, as the oil builds up and when it actually ignites, a puff black explosion occurs.

Red Flags or Warning Sign of Puff Backs

If you hear any type of warning signal or alarms from the furnace, contact a technician immediately.

If you hear unusual noises in the combustion chamber after the furnace has stopped, like something is burning, call a technician immediately.

If you see black soot on your furnace, walls, ceiling or heating sources, this is a tell tale sign that the oil is burning incorrectly and likely leaking, call a technician immediately.

When the burn cycle begins, if you hear a banging noise or a puff sound, oil has likely pooled and is ready to ignite in the chamber, call a technician immediately.

Avoiding Puff Backs

If you have your furnace cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, you reduce the potential of puff backs. At a minimum, you should have your furnace cleaned and serviced once or twice a year by a licensed and insured technician.

Licensed technicians are trained to spot issues and fix them during regularly scheduled maintenance visits.

You too can inspect your furnace by simply using a flashlight (or smartphone light) looking for any signs of leaks, unusual smells or black soot in the room where your furnace is located. Do you smell any unusual odors or debris in your vents?

Bottom line, if anything seem out of the ordinary, contact a licensed technician to address the problem.

Too Late, What to do When a Puff Back has Occurred?

Call 911 then Biller Tri-State Public Adjusters @ 203-234-9865! We work for You, NOT the insurance company. We will do an extensive contents inventory of all damages, file your claim and negotiate head to head with your insurance company to ensure you receive the maximum settlement!