Interview from 01-31-2022 transcribed:

Good morning. Good morning. I have to tell you this morning, we’re a little later than usual, so I am coming to you live from the drop off circle at St. Bridget’s School in Cheshire with my daughter. So good morning.

Hi, pal. Morning. Good morning.

My daughters teacher is a listener, so she just let her know she was going to be late.

All right. All your kids are overachievers. What is this one overachieving in

Besides everything overachieving and trying to get through eighth grade? I think right now. Excellent. But thank you very much.

Yes. Good morning. The garage doors.

Yes, so I get a call from an old client of mine, and, you know, when, when, when a client calls you, you know, in an odd hour on a weekend, you know, there’s a column of smoke or something going on somewhere. And he says, Hey, my my wife just called me at work and she told me that I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news. And so she she told him the good news first, and the good news was that they were going to get a new garage door and a brand new car. And the bad news was that she put the car through the garage door, sliding down the driveway in the snow.

Nailed it. Whoops! There you go.

Yeah, so fortunately for her, it’s it’s covered as most things are, including momentary lapse of judgment, by the way, all gone.

Oh, we were talking about that earlier.

That’s why I mentioned it. Yep, yeah. Hard judgment on insurance policies. Half of the claims would be not covered.

So really so that guy who was using the garden torch or flame thrower to melt ice lights up the house, siding goes up, smoke everywhere and they have to leave the house for a few days or whatever. All that’s covered.

As long as it was an accident, it’s covered,

Oh, really? Yeah. Oh, cool.

You know, I’ve seen I’ve seen some things, I’ve had tenants and buildings that decided it was a good idea to dry clothes over a stove. People tend to try to. Oh yeah, people tend to try to thaw a pipe, sometimes with open flames. Always a bad idea. By the way, I

Write these down. Why wait? Why is that a bad idea?

Oh, that’s the fire marshal who was on earlier today, yeah,

Yeah, because if you just catch on to other things, right?

Absolutely. And you know, people don’t think that far in advance. So you know, you’re you’re having this moment, you got to solve a problem and you don’t think about what comes next. And it’s not until you see the plume of smoke that you realize, you know, maybe that was better on paper than it is in reality. So yeah. Wow. Yes. The grandstand

Is covered. You could slide down your driveway into the ground stores and the insurance will cover it. Really?

Hundred percent. And it doesn’t matter, you know, some people say, Well, you know, it was my own house. I was driving my car. It doesn’t matter as long as it was, as I say, as long as it’s an accident and you bumped and she went in her case, she went through the garage door and did a little bit of damage to the front of the garage, probably did more damage to her car than anything else, but both are covered.

A.j. I need garage doors badly. Need a house. Seriously, just yeah. What if a truck goes through a house? I accidentally drive into your house, right? 18 times, right? Yeah. Pretend it’s a CVS, right? I may for a prescription. Which pet lizard?

Somewhere, somewhere there’s a consortium of insurance companies trying to figure out how to keep me off the air, but yeah, no doubt.

Well, I didn’t know that was covered. The garage doors and white guy with the garden torch. Good.

You’ll find that most. Like I said, most accidents. In all seriousness, most accidents, negligence lapses in judgment. You know, most, most damage that arises from that is absolutely covered. There’s a lot of

What are we going to be dealing with from the storm like, you know, it’s going to get warm this week. So if you get some water in your basement now, does that count?

Usually, no. So what happens is when you get water, we talk about this sometimes in the summer, when it just rains too hard and when the snow accumulates outside and it melts and it comes into your basement, it’s really the same thing. They consider a groundwater surface water and it’s not covered. So that is something that I expect to get a lot of calls from people on, and I don’t think I’ll be delivering a lot of good news for that. We do, but we’re also going to get calls, you know, heavy branches. So when the snow accumulates on the branches and then the wind comes along, they fall down on the roofs of the decks that’s covered. Ice damming is going to be an issue. I think an ice damming is when you have it usually is a result of poor insulation in your attic, and ice actually accumulates along the eaves on the inside of your attic. Then it melts, and that’s when you walk around the perimeter of your house. You see all those water stains around the edges of your house. That’s ice damage

To that huge garden torch. For that, could

I warn me

We’re going to link up to Biller and Associates insurance adjusters on the radio station website. So if you have any questions, give them a buzz. David, thank you, brother. Appreciate it.

As always, thank you. Have a great day, everybody. All right, thank you.