Property damage insurance claim help is available from a licensed CT public adjuster. Biller Associates Public Adjusters has helped thousands of CT homeowners since 1949 with their property damage claims. Do NOT try to take on the insurance company alone.

If you are a business owner, residential or one of your multiple homes have been damaged, an insurance claim filing will have to occur. Most people believe the insurance company assembles a team that will assess your property and work hard to decide on an accurate settlement/value for the damages. Unfortunately, the insurance staff is working for the executives that work in massive skyscrapers and none of them have your best interest in mind.

When you hire Biller Associates Public Adjusters, the first public adjusting firm in Connecticut, you level the playing field and you are no longer alone in taking on the multi-billion dollar insurance industry. Our licensed and experienced public adjusters are experts in insurance policy documentation, property damage, contents inventory and we work for you, NOT the insurance company to process and maximize your claim.

Our friendly team will review your insurance policy and help you quickly understand what are entitled to receive with your claim. Most importantly, we look at every square of inch of your property to assess damages and make sure nothing, absolutely nothing is overlooked.

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Our experienced licensed contents inventory team uses the latest technology to carefully inventory everything that has been damaged inside and outside of your property. We physically walk through your property and we capture a thorough 3D technology/drone walkthrough which we can revert back to whenever needed to serve as the single source of truth for detailed proof in the required loss report which we submit to your insurance company. Our experience and leveraged technology allows Biller Associates Public Adjusters to expedite the claims process.

With Biller Associates, your claim will be settled much faster and for the maximum amount.

Our clients choose Biller Associates Public Adjusters because they want the most experienced public adjusting firm in Connecticut. Our team has seen it all since 1949 and have the ability to handle the most complex property claims including business complexes, apartment complexes, manufacturing facilities, retail businesses, schools and property/homes of all sizes.

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Biller Associates Public Adjusters are the leaders when it comes to huge CT property damage claims. As you may have heard on 99.1 WPLR Chaz & AJ, Call 911 then Biller so you are certain that you maximize your claim!  If your property has experienced damage, Call 911 then Biller at +1 203-234-9865