We hear it time and time again when we are either at social gatherings or actually out in the field assisting clients, “what do you do?” When we begin to explain, there is always the following comment.

Thats exciting, why haven’t I ever heard of that? Then comes the next follow up, “I wish I knew about Biller Associates when our kitchen caught fire last year”, or “our insurance company really took advantage of us when our basement flooded”. Unfortunate circumstances tend to be when we are needed most and it always seems like someone has a friend or family member going through a difficult situation with their insurance company and request a card from us.

Due to the fact that we help people through extremely difficult situations, there is a deep personal connection to the services we provide, either due to past experiences or again, someone knowing a friend or family member.

So back to the original question, why have you never heard of public adjusters before? We are going to take a moment to dissect that question and do our best to answer it.

The Unfamiliar Claims Landscape

Insurance claims and the claims adjusting business is a highly dynamic, convoluted and complex landscape. It takes years of experience and trial and error properly navigate this environment. Most clients, potential clients, and consumers of all walks of life have never filed a claim, or have extremely limited claims experience. As a result their realm of understanding as to the possibilities, their rights, what they’re owed and options available to them is unknown. The ability, right and benefits of a Public Insurance Adjuster are one of these unknowns.

Insurance Companies have Endless Marketing Budgets

Ask yourself, how many insurance company commercials did you see during the Super Bowl this year? At an estimated $5 million dollars per commercial, that is a drop in the bucket in regard to their overall annual marketing budgets. In addition, homeowners insurance is a must and we are under the impression that our insurance providers are honest, upstanding citizens that are here to protect us. We lose site of the fact that insurance companies ultimately care about their bottom line profitibality and often fail to realize that when a disaster occurs, whoever they send out to help us is also honest and fair. Most importantly, we believe that dealing with our insurance company will be easy and since we have always paid our premiums, we will be paid fairly for our claim. With that said, most people are completely unaware that the losses due to damages are being shortchanged and well underpaid by their insurance company. In most cases, once a consumer begins to disagree with their insurance companies process and or claim amount, it is then that they discover the benefits of public adjusters.

Exposure to Losses in New England

New England does not experience widespread repeat natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, etc. It’s simple really, areas that are commonly hit with disasters, the public is better equipped to handle them and consider public adjusters a necessity to obtain fair settlements from their insurance providers.

Number of Experienced Public Adjusters

As the first public adjusters in the state of CT, we have seen the industry grow from a few dozen to hundreds over the years. Unfortunately, like any industry, some are better than others. It is extremely important that you make sure that the public adjuster you contact or one that approaches you, is licensed by the state of Connecticut.

We hope this post has shed some light on why Public Insurance Adjusters aren’t commonly discussed during family picnics. Yet, we encourage you to keep the name, Biller Associates handy as you never know when an accident might occur. We understand that thinking about this stuff is never something we want to happen, but when and if it does, having a piece of mind that everything will be taken care and that we will ensure you get the maximum amount for your claim is our specialty.

Remember, when disaster strikes, Call 911 then Biller!