When it All Began

It all started nearly 70 years ago on Mansfield Street in New Haven. Construction of a 20-unit apartment building had just ended when fire destroyed a kitchen in one of the apartments.The owner and builder, Meyer Biller, called his insurance company and quickly became frustrated because they were trying to get him to accept $1,500 for the $3,200 kitchen he had just built. One of Meyer’s friends suggested that he hire a public insurance adjuster.

How We Became the First CT Public Insurance Adjusters

There were none in Connecticut so he reached out to an adjuster from New York and, with his help, Meyer battled his insurance company until he recovered the full cost of the kitchen. Meyer decided that the people of Connecticut needed someone to fight for them against insurance companies. Armed with the knowledge of construction as well as how to deal with insurance companies, Meyer Biller formed what is now Biller Associates, the oldest established public adjusting firm in Connecticut.

Six Decades Later

Over six decades later, the Biller Team, led by Meyer’s son David, continues to fight for the fair and just claim settlement every client deserves. Biller Associates is recognized nationally as one of the leading pioneers in advocacy for the insured public. We are respected throughout the industry for our expertise, professionalism, and tenacity in negotiating successfully on behalf of our clients.