Chaz (00:08)
You know who sent me that video? David Biller.

AJ (00:12)

Chaz and AJ (00:12)
Yeah. Biller Associates. Good man. Yeah, he’s a good dude. I like him a lot. Family has been in this business. I didn’t know that. David, Biller’s father, had a rough go with an insurance company and said, I’m going to start an insurance adjuster business.

AJ (00:32)

Chaz (00:33)
And it was the first insurance adjuster business in Connecticut.

AJ (00:37)
Wow. Isn’t that great. I’m going to do something about actually did something about it?

Chaz (00:42)
No, because here’s the deal. Like we think, oh, well, my agent loves me, I love my agent. Or I know family that’s not who deals with your claim. Not your agent, not your insurance agent. They send out an adjuster and their job is to not give the insurance companies money away. So their job is to they are representing the insurance company, not you.

AJ (01:08)
Yeah. Low bidding.

Chaz (01:09)
Yeah. And David, a public insurance adjuster goes and get like this. Oh, no, look, it right here.

AJ (01:19)
Yeah, I got the policy.

Chaz (01:22)
David knows the policy inside and out. He knows these adjusters. Come on.

Chaz (01:27)
He makes it right.

AJ (01:29)
Yeah. Let’s do the right thing here.

Chaz (01:31)

Chaz (01:32)
Yeah. And I’ve used them, I think, just every single house I’ve had since I’ve been here.

AJ (01:40)
I used them once, too. Yeah.

Chaz (01:42)
And Megan used them. Everyone’s had a great experience.

AJ (01:45)

Chaz (01:46)
Because what happens is you get the money, but it’s like, beyond what you would even think. Like if you lose a couple of shingles or whatever, it’s like we got to do the whole roof now. So it matches exactly that kind of thing.

AJ (01:58)

Things you wouldn’t even think of.

AJ (01:59)
Make it look the way it was.

Chaz (02:01)
That’s right. Biller and Associates. Or call them at 2023-4986-5232-3498.