Biller and Associates…

They are insurance adjusters. So there are two different types of insurance adjusters.

There is one that works for the insurance company then there is one that works for You.

Now, your insurance agent probably the nicest person in the world…could even be a relative or a friend.

That’s great…so…

Now, if something happens and you need that insurance that you pay for every month and pay for every year, that you never call.

When you need them, they do not send out you need, your friend.


They send out the person that is working for the insurance company and their whole job, the way they are viewed as an employee is by paying the least amount in claims.

They come out and look at the damage to your house…ahhhh….it doesn’t look like much.

David Biller, Biller and Associates will go out, he will find everything that has happened to your house.

There is a situation where an insurance adjuster came out…a tree fell on a house. The insurance adjuster said $95,000 in damages. Now that sounds like a tremendous amount of money.

David went there, took a look at the place, turned out to be a$500,000 dollars in damage.


That is a BIG SWING!!

A lot of times, if your, you look at a house, some roof, some sheetrock, ah, NO…there is structural damage, there could be foundation damage…

David will find all of that and this is a guy that doesn’t sends other people out…

He climbs into the house…he climbs into burnt fire buildings, i’ve seen him at events where he smells like smoke…

He is the guy!!

Biller Associates, 203-234-9865, you can find him easily on the web…