At Biller Associates, We capture a 360°, 3D view of your claim to ensure accuracy of documentation down to the very last detail. Why? So we can maximize your claim!

We implement the latest tools to capture 3D images of all damages to maximize your claim. Documentation is key, however accurate documents speed up the claims process. How do we speed up the claims process? First off, our experience and use of the latest technology allows us to reduce the number of policyholder breakage claims by capturing pre-mitigation damages when we come onsite for an immediate scan.

As we take on the insurance company for you, we leverage our experience and technology by providing your insurance carrier with a single source of truth accomplished through accurate documentation of damages. Not only will you and your insurance carrier receive easy-to-use documentation, we capture a thorough 3D walkthrough which we can revert back to whenever needed to serve as (referenced above) the single source of truth.

If you have never seen a 3D walkthrough, please take a moment to review how it works.

Enjoy and we look forward to helping you take on the billion dollar insurance industry one claim at a time! Remember, at Biller Associates, we work for YOU, NOT the insurance company!