How to Manage Roof Damage Insurance Claim from Storm Damage

While most homes in New England are built so they withstand major wind storms and or destructive hail storms, the reality is, they can only handle so much. Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against water, snow, wind and much more and once this is damaged, the damage can be catastrophic.

We all think this won’t happen to us, but once a tree comes through the roof or we begin to see water coming through the ceiling, the repairs and or replacement can be extremely expensive.

So, what is the first step if your home has storm damage?

Your first call is always 911 if it is an emergency; power lines down, safety concerns, etc.

Once you have called 911 or if there are no emergencies, your first call is to a public insurance adjuster.

As we say, “Call 911 then Biller”.

Upon contacting Biller Associates, we will arrive onsite and help you with the following:

Evaluate the Damage

We will first help you understand the extent of the damage, how and if your roof is damaged and we literally climb onto your roof and get into the nooks and cranny of your home to determine the overall damage.

Always remember, Biller Associates works for YOU, NOT the insurance company.