Due to social distancing and the fact that more people are in their homes, using lap tops, stoves and fireplaces more than ever…house fires are on the rise.

In the matter of a week, we found ourselves helping three different families with their New Haven house fires.

How did they start?

The first house fire in New Haven started on the second floor due to a cigarette. The family is now comfortably resting in a hotel and will ultimately find a rental to stay in while their home is being repaired.

What happened in the second fire?

This house fire that also required a New Public Adjuster started in the basement and we are still looking at the potential cause of the fire. This family also found a comfortable place to stay and will find a rental while their home is repaired.

The third fire started in their car, which was in the driveway and then caused extensive damage to their home as well. Once again, this family is now comfortable at a family members and will require a rental due to extensive damages to their home.

At Biller Associates, we care about your family and assist in helping you with all matters.