Well, it only take one good storm to have trees falling on your or your neighbors home. After Hurricane Ian, it is front and center to just how catastrophic it can be once the storm passes. It is also no surprise how many questions we are getting in regard to what is covered and what isn’t covered when a tree falls on your home.

Coverage for fallen tree depends on a number of factors, for example, what caused the tree to fall and what kind of damage occurred. Biller Associates Public Adjusters put together a list of FAQs that you may have asked yourself or heard me answer on WPLR Chaz and AJ in the morning.

Q: Does my homeowners insurance cover damage caused by fallen trees on my property?

A: The answer is, “It depends on a number of factors.” Most homeowners insurance policies cover your home and other structures such as fences, decks and sheds against any losses. The reason the tree fell in the first place is very important and traditionally speaking, it is usually wind. If neglect is part of the answer, aka, a lot of dead trees around the home, your insurance company will fight you tooth and nail.

Q: What if the tree doesn’t hit or damage anything?

A: If the tree(s) falls and cause zero structural damage, meaning your house, deck, shed, etc. do not require any repairs, your insurance company will not pay for the removal of debris. Important to note, if the fallen tree is in the way of your car, garage, etc, we often fight the insurance company and can often get you paid for the removal.

Q: What happens if the tree was on my neighbor’s property?

A: If your home or property is damaged by a tree from your neighbors yard, your homeowners policy may help to pay for repairs to your home, fence, deck, shed, etc.

Q: Who is responsible if a tree from my property damages a neighbor’s property?

A: Again, if there are a lot of dead trees in your yard, the word neglect comes into play again and could be considered the contributing factor. However, if a healthy tree due to wind falls on your neighbors property, their insurance company should cover the damages.

Q: Does homeowners insurance cover tree debris removal?

A. If there is damage to your home, fence, deck, shed, etc, your insurance company may cover the repairs as well as the removal of debris. However, as mentioned above, if no damages occurred, often times you are responsible for removal of debris. Again, important to note, if the tree has become an obstacle to your vehicle, garage, any sort of access, that is a different situation and you may be covered.

Q: How much does homeowners insurance cover for tree debris removal?

A: If a tree damages an any structures on your property, homeowners insurance may help with the cost associated with tree removal and each policy is different in regard to the amount.

Q: A tree fell on my car. Does my homeowners policy cover the damage?

A. No, homeowners will not cover damage to your car. However, you need to contact your auto insurance carrier as comprehensive coverage may pay to repair your vehicle.

Q: How much does homeowners insurance cover for tree damage to the home?

A. This is the exact question that warrants hiring Biller Associates Public Adjusters. Why? Because your insurance company reports to corporate and insurance companies are for profit businesses. We on the other hand, we work for YOU, NOT the insurance company.

We will fight to ensure that you receive the maximum amount for your property damages/repairs.

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