Property damage comes in all forms and Biller Associates Public Adjusters has 75+ years of experience loss claims on your behalf. We work for YOU, NOT the insurance company.

Water damage can happen due to rain, ice, snow, burst pipes, plumbing issues or accidents at schools and workplaces. In many cases, a burst water line or an accidental leak from an appliance are often covered.

Unfortunately, general damage occurring due to floods are not covered unless the property owner has additional flood insurance to cover groundwater issues. After all, we live in New England and flood insurance isn’t always top of mind.

Water damage claims are often the most complex in regard to claims and getting Biller Associates Public Adjusters involved ASAP is critical to navigate the insurance claim process. At Biller Associates Public Adjusters, we want to be on location as soon as possible to evaluate the overall situation and help you determine the cause of water damage and whether or not your policy will cover you.

Once onsite, our licensed adjusters team will conduct a thorough and 3D (See How it Works) interactive walkthrough of your entire property. Our experience along with our technology allow our licensed public adjusters to complete a thorough contents inventory of all structural and personal property losses to maximize your settlement.

We have literally seen it all, including a 1″ pipe burst that saturated 13,000 square feet of a school building. In this instance, we helped the school document the extreme damage and established a case for replacing all furniture, floors, computers, wires, carpet, desks, chairs, beds and so much more.

We take on the insurance company for you and quickly remove the stress from you so you can focus on your family or business. Our goal is for you to get back into your home or get your business back into action as quickly as possible.

When clients attempt to take on the insurance company themselves, they become accustomed to hearing that various aspects will not be covered. We don’t like the word “no” from an insurance company and take pride in the fact that we work for YOU, NOT the insurance company.

What most business owners do not know is that business interruption loss can mean the difference between re-opening and going out of business. Our experienced and licensed CT public Adjusters will not only maximize your property loss claim, we will also help you recoup lost income while your business is shut down.

Biller Associates Public Adjusters is the first public insurance adjusters in the state of Connecticut and since 1949, have helped thousands of families as well as business owners to take on the billion dollar insurance industry.

Why use an experienced Public Adjuster? Our client received a settlement for their water loss claim in the amount of $32,442.87. Biller Associates took on National General Insurance Company and our client received a settlement of $150,822.43! As we said above, We work for YOU, NOT the insurance company!

If you are looking for a CT Public Adjuster, look no further, contact Biller Associates Public Adjusters today!